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Cum se vede Romania...

..la prima strigare:

textul original este simplu dar am modificat cu Italic cateva fraze.

Why it's Important to Learn Romanian

Starting in the 2000s, Romania's economy became one of the fastest-growing in Europe. In 2004, the country became a member of NATO, and in 2007, of the European Union. Since that time, Romania's focus has been on strengthening its ties with the rest of the world.

Romania is an attractive location for foreign investment. One benefit companies enjoy is the 16% flat tax instituted by the government, which has helped to bring in several foreign corporations. If you work for one of these companies that has expanded into Romania, or any other countries where Romanian is spoken, you can benefit from learning Romanian, and gaining the ability to communicate with employees and local vendors.

Outside the political and financial realms, Romania has become a prime tourist destination in Europe. Tourism is becoming an increasingly important component of the country's economy, and Romania has a lot to offer. Mountains, skiing, and unspoiled landscapes invite naturalists and outdoors people from around the world. The stunning architecture of castles, monasteries, and city buildings affords tourists a look into Romania's rich history. Being able to communicate in Romanian can only enhance a vacation experience in this Eastern European gem.

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